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12 Dec
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Specialized Roubaix Kerfluffle

Specialized has been in the news a lot over their attempt to dickishly enforce their “Roubaix” trademark. Turns out, they don’t really hold the trademark, their non-dickish parent company (ASI) does. More from

While ASI does have the authority to object to Mr. Richter’s use of the name and while we at ASI understand the importance of protecting our bicycle model names, we believe that Mr. Richter did not intend for consumers to confuse his brick-and-mortar establishment or his wheel line with our Roubaix road bike. And we believe consumers are capable of distinguishing his bike shop and wheel line from our established bikes.

So that’s done … hopefully.

sscxwc_2013-24Single Speed Cyclocross World Championships Gallery

Brad over at Urban Velo posted a great gallery of the Single Speed Cyclocross World Championships . Check it out here. I want that bacon-print blazer.

An All-Cork Saddle

Bike Rumor shared a gorgeous all-cork bike saddle. Brooks, watch out, there is another pretty saddle in town.

Car Traffic Talk vs. Bike Commuter Patience

Are you a bike commuter? You’ll love the latest Bikeyface cartoon.

Win a Trek Madone 7 Series

Lastly, be sure to check out Fat Cyclist for a chance to win a Trek Madone 7 Series, Customized Through Project One. Donate to World Bicycle Relief to enter.

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