Chainlinks: Best of the Bike Web, May 22, 2014

22 May
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Feel My Wraith

These guys have been getting some press lately. Columbus steel. US made. Not a bad deal at $1,100. Just don’t pee on it.


Then There’s …

The Specialized Tarmac. Also in the news a lot lately. Bike Hugger has a great review. Top-of-the-line model is like 10 large, so out of my range. For now.

With That Budget

This is your pump. The rest of us? This. Or this.

And these are your shoes. $295 on Ouch.

Unsolicited Advice

Do this stuff then buy this book. No? Right.

Seriously Though, About That Book

From RKP:

Lanterne Rouge asks the questions: What does it take to finish last? Why would you want to? Is there real nobility in futile persistence? And, how can we, as normal humans, relate to the last placed rider in the biggest race on earth?

From The Inner Ring:

Cycling’s a sport of losers. Even the most successful riders lose far more races than they win and the majority of riders in the peloton won’t win a single race all year. But this is all part of what makes cycling such a rich and sophisticated sport to follow. Without winning many riders will mark a race, each has their story to tell after three weeks of a grand tour. So what of the last rider? Last isn’t least, often they have struggled the most just to finish. Plus as Svein Tuft has just shown in the Giro you can go from lanterne rouge to the limelight.

Check out the book, Lanterne Rouge.


This record of non-Lanterne Rouge riders always intrigued me. How far can you ride in an hour?



[SRAM Red hydraulic levers]

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