Read This: Life in the Slipstream: The Legend of Bobby Walthour Sr.

11 Dec
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bookIn the early 1900s, Bobby Walthour was king of the cycling world. Life in the Slipstream chronicles his life as one of the world’s athletic superstars. Red Kite Prayer has a full review:

Part endurance sport, part daredevil show, the cycling of those times was big business and the nation was in thrall to its drama and personalities. Much the way Balf’s book shone the light on an era when cycling was king, Homan’s book reinforces the idea that sport as entertainment was born of the same forces that gave us, by turns, baseball, basketball and football, a reminder that any sport’s time in the limelight can be generationally fleeting.

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This book would make a great Christmas present for any fellow cyclists in need of some winter reading.

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