Chainlinks: Best of the Bike Web, April 16, 2014

16 Apr
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It’s Not Just Indy

Indianapolis might be leading the way, but Cleveland is jumping on the bike bandwagon too. Hooray!

Let’s Own the Roads!

Well, we can dream. Another great comic from Bikeyface.

It’s All Muscle, Right?

Fat Cyclist reports on his weight:

Yes, over the weekend, I gained 4.6 pounds. And as you can see, that puts me two pounds off the yellow brick road.

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Don’t Want Skratch?

Skratch Labs may be getting a lot of buzz but don’t forget about good-old water. Yum.

Casual Cycling Chic

Don’t want to hobble around every time you ride? Check out this Giro Terraduro review from Urban Velo. Get them at for $180 or save 10% and get them from Nashbar.

Reading Time

The Inner Ring reviews two good cycling books: Faster and The Monuments. Buy Faster on Amazon. Or pick up a copy of The Monuments.

More Gear

Bike Hugger reviews the Osprey Shuttle. Bike Hacks reviews the myTask: BIKE. Red Kite Prayer tours the Sea Otter Classic.

Dreaming of Custom

From Red Kite Prayer:

Let’s cut to the bottom line: buying a custom frame isn’t a transaction. It’s a relationship. That has to be true otherwise people wouldn’t ask the question. People do not get this worked up about refrigerators.

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[via Urban Velo]

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