Chainlinks: Best of the Bike Web, March 26, 2014

26 Mar
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The North American Handmade Bicycle Show (NAHBS) Makes Me Drool Dollars

Urban Velo posted a very comprehensive gallery. Check it out. But lock your wallet up first.

Weird Bikes Galore at NAHBS!

Love this beast that Red Kite Prayer tracked down.


Ultimate Urban Utility Bike

Call that blue beast what you will, but it’s not the Ultimate Urban Utility Bike. That’s being designed by some teams, and you should read about it over at Bike Snob. Seriously, read it.

All Aboard the Satire Train

That bike design article not enough? Check out Fat Cyclist’s letter to Mark Cavendish.

I cannot help but think to myself, “How is it possible that this 28-year-old has only written two autobiographical volumes? And how is it possible he let a full 2.5 years elapse between books?”

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The books in question are available here.

It’s Classics Season

As usual, The Inner Ring has some of the best coverage available. Yes, that’s three links. All point to their Milan-San Remo coverage.

Still Too Cold Out to Ride?

Well, Bike Hacks has a DIY windscreen to cut down on the wind chill out there.

Indy Bike Share

That’s twice this Midwest town has been mentioned lately. Rock on, Indianapolis.

Drool, Banana Hammock Edition


[via etsy and everywhere]

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