Chicago Cyclists: Beware (Or Get Bare)

12 Jun

Clever headline, right?

The World Naked Bike Ride is back in the Windy City. Temps should be in the 70s, so shrinkage shouldn’t be too much of a problem and the only headlights you’ll see may be actual headlines.

Get it?


From Chicagoist:

As in past years, the Chicago Police Department will not be ticketing riders for nudity, according to a department spokeswoman. Several bike cops will follow the cyclists along their route, which has not been published yet, for the purpose of maintaining safety for the cyclists and other road users. They will write tickets or make arrests for other illegal activity.

To comply with the law, organizers encourage participants to wear clothing to the event and to refrain from drinking or using drugs throughout the event. And you by no means have to be completely naked to join in, although some riders will be while others make strategic use of swimwear and body paint.

So save the EPO for another day. Route is TBD.

What else is happening in Chicago? This.

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