T&T Q&A with Joey Rosskopf (@joeyrosskopf)

Joey Rosskopf is in the middle of his first year with BMC Racing and recently competed in the Amgen Tour of California where he placed 4th in the individual time trial and reached as high as 4th in the GC. Joey sat down with us to discuss how he got into cycling, his favorite gear, and his favorite races in this week’s pro cyclist Q&A: 

rosskopf[Trail & Tarmac] How’d you first get into cycling?

[Joey Rosskopf] Through my dad — he’s been racing masters since before I was born. I’ve really always been around the sport. I started racing competitively when I was 16.

[T&T] What was your first race?

[JR] The Brooks Road Race in Brooks, GA was my first race. Juniors were mixed with the CAT 5s. There was a huge crash in first five miles, and the race got strung out early. I basically rode the whole thing solo.

[T&T] What was your first bike?

[JR] My first bike was on old steel Trek. I also had one of Trek’s first carbon frame that I got from one of my dad’s friends.

[T&T] What is something you wish you knew when you first started cycling?

[JR] Everything you do off the bike is just as important as what you do on the bike. I don’t think I’d actually go back and change anything in my past, but that’s probably the biggest lesson I’ve learned. That is something I can definitely improve on.

Everything you do off the bike is just as important as what you do on the bike.

[T&T] Do you have a piece of cycling gear you can’t live without?

[JR] Being miserable in the cold is terrible — I ride with a good pair of cold weather tights and 4mm neoprene gloves. Pearl Izumi makes a thermal bib tight that’s great. Pearl Izumi neoprene gloves are super good in the rain too.

[T&T] Can you share one tip for amateur riders looking to elevate their game this year?

[JR] There are so many little things. Everyone is different, everyone has different things they could work on to improve on. I think my biggest area of improvement is getting back to being able to suffer on my own during training rides. I used to do my best workouts by myself but that hasn’t been the case lately. Being able to really drive yourself is important.

[T&T] What’s your favorite race of the year?

[JR] Liege-Bastogne-Liege. I was caught up in a crash but I was able to finish. It’s the oldest classic — 260 km long — and I really like the region it’s in. It’s always a really hard race, up and down, all the climbs are probably 4k or less, and I feel like I could do well there one day. There’s so much excitement around the race because it’s such a big classic.

[T&T] Can you describe what you eat before, during, and after a ride or race?

[JR] I’m not too picky. I eat lots of salad and veggies when I’m not training. During rides and training I eat lots of rice and beans and eggs.

Look for Joey next at Le Dauphine Libere (beginning on June 7). He’ll then race the Tour of Austria (July 4) before heading back stateside for the Tour of Utah (August 3). We certainly wish Joey the best of luck in all his races this summer and thank him for sharing his knowledge with our readers. Keep up with Joey on Twitter by following @joeyrosskopf

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