PSA From The Giro: Is It Time For A New Helmet?

28 May

The Giro d’Italia is wrapping up and all I can think about is helmets. It it time to get a new helmet? Is mine “worn out” or no good? Well … that depends. From the¬†Bicycle Helmet Safety Institute:

Occasionally somebody spreads rumors that sweat and ultraviolet (UV) exposure will cause your helmet to degrade. Sweat will not do that. The standards do not permit manufacturers to make a helmet that degrades from sweat, and the EPS, EPP or EPU foam is remarkably unaffected by salt water. Your helmet will get a terminal case of grunge before it dies of sweat. Sunlight can affect the strength of the shell material, though. Since helmets spend a lot of time in the sun, manufacturers usually put UV inhibitors in the plastic for their shells that control UV degradation. If your helmet is fading or showing small cracks around the vents, the UV inhibitors may be failing, so you probably should replace it.

So that’s bogus. There’s this too:

At least one shop told a customer that the EPS in his three year old helmet was now “dried out.” Other sales people refer to “outgassing” and say that the foam loses gas and impact performance is affected. Still others claim that helmets lose a percentage of their effectiveness each year, with the percentage growing with age. All of that is nothing but marketing hype to sell a replacement helmet before you need it.

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Real reasons to get a new lid? You’ve crashed and banged it — it’s time to replace it.

Or, you know, you just want a red one this year to match your new rig.

Jenson USA has a bunch of helmets on sale. The Bell Volt is a particularly good deal though and worth a look. It comes with an optional visor for a more MTB look. It’s just $65 after being marked down 58%. Tough deal to beat.


Check it out here and keep the rubber side down.


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