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Gavin Mannion knows a thing or two about training your weaknesses. Back in 2013, CyclingNews published an interview with him saying that he had finally made the transition from a sprinter to a climber. Today, riding for team Jelly Belly and starting the season strong with an impressive second place finish at the Sea Otter Classic, Gavin proves he can dominate at both. Check out his tips to make the most of your training and how to elevate your game as an amateur in this week’s T&T Q&A:

[T&T] What is something you wish you knew when you first started cycling?

[Gavin Mannion ] I wish I knew how important it is to have balance in your life. This sport is a roller coaster. You can go from being in the form of your life to laying in a ditch with a broken collarbone in a matter of minutes — it’s harder to handle the ups and downs if cycling is all you focus on.

[T&T] Do you have a piece of cycling gear you can’t live without?

[Gavin Mannion ] My Rudy Project helmet would definitely be at the top of the list. Unfortunately, crashes are inevitable in bike racing, and I can safely say a helmet has saved my life a few times already.

[T&T] Can you share one tip for amateur riders looking to elevate their game?

[Gavin Mannion ] Train your weaknesses but don’t forget to do what you love. We all start riding for different reasons whether it’s the weekly crit or a long solo ride in the mountains. Don’t forget to include the fun stuff — but try to improve your weaknesses.

[T&T] What’s your favorite race of the year?

[Gavin Mannion ] The World Championships — the few that I have been lucky enough to take part in have always been special. And watching the elite race is always interesting. It’s all on the line and anything can happen which makes it really unique.

[T&T] Who do you most enjoy following on Twitter? 

[Gavin Mannion ] My former souigneur Reed (@uberreed) without a doubt. His tweets may not always (or ever) be PG, but I’m usually in tears laughing when reading them.

[T&T] What does your nutrition consist of (before, during, and after your rides)?

[Gavin Mannion ] Before rides, I eat simply — mostly just oatmeal or a bagel and eggs. During rides, a good bakery stop, gas station breakfast tacos, and Jelly Belly Sport Beans keep me fueled up. I finish most hard training rides and races with Jelly Belly Recovery Crisps and some form of chocolate as a guilty pleasure.

[T&T] What sorts of tips or tricks do you have to stay healthy and prevent injury? Do you use any specific mobility tools or cross training techniques?

[Gavin Mannion ] Make sure to correct any muscle imbalances you feel. It’s easy to get imbalanced when you’re spending all your time on the bike. In the winter, I try and work on movements you don’t do on a bike like jumping and twisting — stressing all the stabilization muscles and correcting any imbalances that may have developed during the season.

[T&T] What’s your all time favorite cycling kit? Why?

[Gavin Mannion ] I’m going to have to go with the skinsuit Cippolini wore that looked like he peeled off his skin and you could see every muscle fiber. No rider today has that kind of style.

Follow gavin293 on Instagram.

Follow gavin293 on Instagram.

We appreciate Gavin taking the time to answer our questions. Keep up with him on Twitter by following @gavinmannion.

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