T&T Q&A with Kaitie Antonneau (@kaitieantonneau)

Kaitie Antonneau is one multi-talented cyclist. Sponsored by TWENY16 p/b SHO-AIR on the road and Cannondale-CyclocrossWorld.com for cyclocross, she pretty much hasn’t met a set of wheels she didn’t like. This young, accomplished cyclist is the two-time U23 National Time Trial Champion, a U23 Road Racing Champion, and has represented the US at the UCI World Cyclocross Championships for the past four years, finishing an impressive 10th in 2014. This fun and fierce competitor shares her thoughts on everything from her favorite race to her favorite breakfast in this week’s T&T Q&A:

Antonneau2[T&T] What is something you wish you knew when you first started cycling?

[Kaitie Antonneau] I wish I would have known that recovery is just as important as training.

[T&T] Do you have a piece of cycling gear you can’t live without?

[Kaitie Antonneau] My Oakley sunglasses. I always wear glasses when training.

[T&T] Can you share one tip for amateur riders looking to elevate their game? Any special advice for women in the sport?

[Kaitie Antonneau] Find a group to train with that is faster than you. It helps to ride with people better than you so you are able to be pushed both physically and technically. For women — keep a balanced life and keep cycling fun.

[T&T] What’s your favorite race of the year?

[Kaitie Antonneau] The Namur Cyclocross World Cup is my favorite.

[T&T] Who do you most enjoy following on Twitter? 

[Kaitie Antonneau] Coco Ho (@coco_ho). She is a professional surfer. I like what she stands for. It’s also fun to follow along while she is on tour and read about all the cool places around the world she gets to surf.

[T&T] What does your nutrition consist of (before, during, and after your rides)?

[Kaitie Antonneau] Before training, I switch back and forth between scrambled eggs with toast and Bob’s Redmill Oat Bran mixed with Greek yogurt. While riding, I eat any type of Clif Bar product. I’ll make rice cakes for when I’m doing longer miles. After rides, I have my recovery drink right when I walk in the door and then just cook up whatever is in the fridge. I try to be creative.

[T&T] What sorts of tips or tricks do you have to stay healthy and prevent injury? Do you use any specific mobility tools or cross training techniques?

[Kaitie Antonneau] I’m very strict about my sleep. I normally am in bed by 9:00 every night. I’m not very good about staying up late anyway, so it works out well. I think that’s the main reason I do not often become sick. I have a twenty minute yoga podcast I do several times a week, and I use my foam roller a lot.

[T&T] What’s your all time favorite cycling kit? Why?

[Kaitie Antonneau] My JL Velo kits. It is a really well made kit — comfortable and fits really well. I also don’t dread long days on the bike with the chamois.

We appreciate Kaitie taking the time to answer our questions. Keep up with her on Twitter by following @kaitieantonneau

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