Feedly Sells Bikes (Kinda)

7 Feb
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I use Feedly to keep up with all the bike blogs I read. Today’s mix made me laugh.

First it was this post from Bikey Face: Everybody Get a Bike. I chuckled at the too-real situations where a bike is the answer nobody seems to consider. Want to eat cake and not go to the gym? Get a bike!


The post makes a good point. The more we dwell on the potentially unsafe sides of cycling, the more we turn people off on riding. Cell phones MIGHT give us cancer, but who’s wearing a tin-foil Bluetooth earpiece? Nobody. And Apple’s certainly not putting that message in their iPhone commercials. There are a ton of positive messages to focus on instead of the low-probability dangerous side.

Anyway, lots of cool messages to market bicycles. Then, next post, this:


Yes, Tolstoy Rode a Bike. One more reason to buy one? Maybe. Tired of the capitalist machine robbing you blind on gasoline? Riders of the world, unite!

Impeccable timing, Bike Hugger.

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