Chainlinks: Best of the Bike Web, February 2, 2014

4 Feb
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What if Zombies Ride?

From Fat Cyclist:

The Zombie Apocalypse is coming. You have seven months to prepare. Yeah, I know. Some of you are saying, “Hey, seven months isn’t exactly a lot of time to prepare. As long as you’re sending blog posts into the past, why didn’t you send it back ten years? Or at least five?”

It’s a great post. Read it all >

The Cobbles Coming Too

The Inner Ring dissects the 2014 Paris-Nice Route here.

And it’s Never Too Early …

To start thinking about Le Tour.

Luddites, Unite!

I’ve got a box of old bike parts waiting for the right frame — Simplex derailleurs, a set of Stronglights. From RKP:

If I were to go to eBay and search for a bike frame from 2004, the chances are good that I would be able to take the componentry off my current bike, move it all over to the ten year old frame and it would all work. This is part of the great fun of this hobby of ours, upgrade and afterlife, making an old bike new or taking a current bike up a level in the quiet of the basement or garage, like my father’s generation bent under the hoods of their cars, slung headlong beneath engines with heavy wrenches and oil stains on their faces. No one I know works on their own car anymore, not a modern car anyway. The computerization and modularization of newer engines resists tinkering.

I’m going to be a grumpy old cyclist one day. This post struck a chord.

I’m Tired of Snow Too

Seriously, I like the skiing and all, but I’m about ready for spring. I’m not alone.

seahawkSee a Seahawk Bike

Yep. This exists. Get one if you’re bored with traffic

And Open Your Ears

This song was made entirely with bike bits [via Urban Velo].

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