T&T Q&A with Conor Mullervy (@conormullervy)

Conor Mullervy is a professional G2 cyclist for Champion System Stans NoTubes with a serious knack for crit racing. Check out his take on what it takes to live the life of being a successful pro cyclist in this week’s T&T Q&A.

cTkqhps-[T&T] What is something you wish you knew when you first started cycling?

[Conor Mullervy] I didn’t find cycling until my senior year in high school, and I wasn’t even thinking about becoming a professional cyclist day one. I wish I knew how hard it would be and how much sacrifice would be required once I started down that path. Though, even if I knew that before I started, it wouldn’t have changed anything. I guess knowing would have just given me the chance to be better mentally prepared for it.

[T&T] Do you have a piece of cycling gear you can’t live without?

[Conor Mullervy] My chamois cream. In 2015, I am lucky enough to be riding on Doc’s Skincare Chamois Cream. With how much training I do, the last thing I want is my undercarriage to be uncomfortable.

[T&T] Can you share one tip for amateur riders looking to elevate their game?

[Conor Mullervy] I don’t want to sound cliche, but the two biggest things to keep in mind are to make sure you are having fun and to never give up. If you are not having fun while riding, then you will hit a mental wall that you won’t be able to overcome to make it to the next level. It has to be fun. Also, we all know how hard cycling is, but you have to make sure you never give up when things get tough. Good things will come if you put in the hard work and keep grinding away. Trust me.

[T&T] What’s your favorite race of the year?

[Conor Mullervy] Athens Twilight Criterium is by far the craziest and coolest race of the year. With over 15,00 spectators at such a historic race, it’s like no other race on the calendar. The adrenaline is always pumping at the start line, and you can’t even hear yourself think or breathe for the entire race. It’s an amazing atmosphere, and I always love coming back.

[T&T] What cycling-related website do you visit most frequently?

[Conor Mullervy] When I decide to see whats going on in the cycling world, I usually go to CyclingNews. Though, to be honest, I don’t really keep up-to-date on what’s going on unless it’s related to the races I am doing. Cycling is my life and I am on the road training or racing for about 10 months out of the year, so my main focus is on my training and my race schedule.

[T&T] What’s your ride nutrition of choice (before, during and after)?

[Conor Mullervy] Before a big day of training or racing I always have a bowl of oatmeal. I can’t just eat it plain — I always mix in some crunchy peanut butter, yogurt, and chocolate chips to top it off. During my rides or while racing, I always eat Clif Bars. On long rides or races, I always bring Clif Bar Kit’s Organic Fruit and Nut Bars, because they are easier on my stomach. During the crits or shorter rides, I like to eat their BLOKS and gels. After a race, I always enjoy a fruit smoothie with some Pure Clean Beet Powder along with either a sandwich or a good burrito.

[T&T] What sorts of tips or tricks do you have to stay healthy and prevent injury?  Do you use any specific mobility tools or cross training techniques?

[Conor Mullervy] During both the off-season and during the racing season, I do yoga about three times a week. Not only does it feel good, it makes sure my body is fully balanced, and it helps me prevent injury during the year. Stretching every day is key for me too. I am able to stay loose, and my muscles are always ready to go.

[T&T] How do you prepare to ride in the cold weather?  Is there any cold weather gear you can’t live without?

[Conor Mullervy] To be honest, I’m a wimp when it comes to cold weather even though I am from Colorado. During the winter, I am lucky enough to be able to migrate down south to Tucson, AZ. That helps me avoid most of the winter weather, and I am able to do my training in warm weather before the season starts. Though, if I need to get training done in some cold weather, my Champion System fleece bibs are what I wear. For me, miserable and cold don’t mix with training, so staying warm in all my winter gear from Champion System saves the day.

Conor Mullervy helped his team win the Team Time Trial National Championships when he was at Colorado Mesa University, twice. He had a number of impressive finishes in 2014 including 5th overall at the Tour of Poyang Lake (a 12-day stage race in China), 4th at the US Pro Crit Nationals, and 1st at the Old Pueblo Grand Prix. We appreciate him taking time to answer our questions. Keep up with Conor by following @conormullervy on Twitter.


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