Chainlinks: Best of the Bike Web, January 21, 2014

21 Jan
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Ride With Headphones? Read This.

Urban Velo and Chicago based injury lawyer, Brendan Kevenides clear up the confusion:

Generally, listening to music while riding a bike is not illegal. However, to know for sure whether doing so is okay or not, two questions must be answered: 1) How are you listening to your music? 2) Where are you?


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Does This Trail Make Me Look Fatbike?

Bike Rumor interviews Gary Barden of the Central Wisconsin Offroad Cycling Coalition and they talk about what’s involved in building fatbike-specific trails.

Make Your Next Bike Out Of Crutches?

Travel on a bike? You’re an enemy on the road. Travel via crutches? No problem. What’s going on here? Want to know more about safety, say, in infographic form? You’re in luck.

It’s Not A Good Sign …

… when you notice you can no longer get into the drops at all. At least, not if you want to breathe.

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Retro Ain’t Cheap

Yeah, I like these Veeka $34 gloves too … but you can get near-enough imitations for $17.

Winter Hard Men

The other day I drove my wife to work. It was cold outside. Damn cold. Polar Vortex cold. I was the only one on the street as I pulled into our driveway, except for one other guy on the road. A guy on a bike. Impressive. He wasn’t the only one out there that day.

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