Chainlinks: Best of the Bike Web, January 10, 2014

10 Jan
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fatbikeAll Praise the Fat Bike

Bike Rumor ran a great article titled, Hate Fatbikes? You’re Doing It Wrong. It includes this:

There comes a point with a normal mountain bike in the snow that you end up carrying or pushing your bike more than riding it. Deep snow, fluffy snow, even ice are much more easily dealt with when you have 4” wide rubber underneath you. In addition to the width, running 3-10 psi in those gargantuan tires allows the tread to envelop large rocks, roots, and other obstacles where a normal mountain bike tire may simply bounce or slide off.

A couple days later, they shared this:

Now I kinda want a fatbike.

Portland’s Humble Brag

I don’t know what it is about Portland, but sometimes the city rubs me the wrong way. Zero bike-related deaths in 2013? That’s great. Nice work. The humble brag undertones? A bit much.

Trek + Electra

Trek bought Electra (yeah, that’s three separate links). Maybe this explains Lance’s Tour wins and the drug thing was just a rumor started to not kill the deal. Maybe. Who’s Electra? Here’s one of their bikes.

Bike Hugger @ CES

Byron from Bike Hugger has been checking out CES, the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. What’s a bike blogger doing there? Mostly checking out wearable fitness trackers. Well, that, and not freezing to death in the polar vortex.

Winter Reflection

Bike Hacks posted a great(?) … well, let’s say an easy reflector idea: aluminum foil. Seems slick. Wonder what it looks like at night.

2013 Reflection

Don’t miss the Red Kite Prayer End-of-Year awards.

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