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5 Dec

Goodbye, Urban Velo!

Man, this stinks. I’m not the only one that thinks so. Get issue #45, the final issue, here.

N + 2?

That … that’s a lot of bikes.

This Crystal Ball Is Broked

Well, do any crystal balls actually work? The Inner Ring’s 2014 predictions and their outcomes, here.

Coming To Kickstarter!

This. Great idea.

Thinking About Bike Camping?

Read this. My favorite line: “Trees. You must have trees to hang your hammock. I’ve had issues with this three times. Once, in the redwoods. Sure, there are trees, but the straps wouldn’t fit …”

Put one of these on your Christmas list.

Need More Ideas?

The Radavist has you covered. Same with RKP (that’s three links — here’s another). Or, you know, read this blog.



I want one of these, Santa. Pleeeeeeeze! [Rivendell Atlantis, $2,300 for the made-in-Wisconsin frame.]

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