2013: A Great Year To Be a Cyclist

6 Jan
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Man, 2013 was alright. 2013 saw the introduction of New York’s Citi Bikes. Millions of people are now sharing bikes in America’s largest city. That’s a big deal. Yeah, other cities have been doing this for years, but New York just shows how this idea is really starting to snowball. Next stop? Maybe Wichita. Maybe Peoria. Who knows? 

We also saw the introduction of the Copenhagen Wheel in 2013, another big innovation that hopefully gets more people traveling on two wheels. Haven’t heard the spiel yet? Check it out here. Through a mix of regenerative breaking, power boosts, seamless technology, and slick design, the Copenhagen Wheel makes cycling a hell-of-a-lot easier for everybody. Yeah, it’s not cheap at first glance ($800), but it some ways it just is. Compare it to gas. Compare it to a health club membership. Compare it to parking costs. $800 isn’t bad.

Then there’s the Hövding, the airbag bike helmet. I grew up before bike helmets became standard practice (and managed to avoid brain injury). Yeah, I’ll wear one on the trail or in the pack, but when cruising around town, I’d much prefer to be helmet-free. Turns out, I’m not the only one. Wearing a helmet is a huge obstacle to overcome when choosing to bike instead of another form of transportation. People would rather drive than bike with a helmet. Take the helmet out of the equation, and we’ll have a lot more cyclists out there. That’s not my conclusion. I heard about it here. Again, not cheap. But $540 for air-through-the-hair cycling without the normal helmet-free risk? Could be worth it for many. Hell, the Giro Aeon is $250 — and it doesn’t come with a single accelerometer.

Yeah, there were some dark spots on 2013. But I’m going to remember it as another year in a series of years where cycling built a bigger tent. Welcome to everyone who started (or returned to) pedaling in 2013. 2014 is going to be great.



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